Non-Members Only: Submit details of a competition or call

Second Light sends periodic Newsletters to members and a non-members’s mailing list. Whilst only Members are entitled to submit ‘News’, we will seek to include calls for poetry-related applications (e.g. for Residency Posts) or for submissions of work, including competitions, advised by non-members, provided the application/submission deadline has not passed when the Newsletter is sent out, IF we receive your information via our online ‘submit news’ form here.
AND your submission includes the nature of the call (e.g. anthology submission), the deadline, contact details or a link to information on a website, and, for competitions: competition or organisation name, name of judge(s) and type of entry (e.g. poetry). We also recommend that you include details of 1st prize at least, and entry fees, and, if it applies, mention that online submission is offered.
When you use the online submission form, give your ‘Member Name’ as: NM Call.
Calls and competitions advised by non-members will not be included in our twice-yearly journal, ARTEMISpoetry. However, we do take advertising relevant to poetry/creative writing. See ARTEMISpoetry page for current rates.