Members Only: Submit a news or forthcoming event item

We love spreading good news so members are encouraged to let us know about their successes, publications, forthcoming events or workshops that they will be running etc, both for our e-mail Newsletters and for the ARTEMISpoetry Noticeboard. Max 60 words including contact details. 1 item per category per issue. The 5 categories are: ‘Comps & Calls’, ‘Events, Courses & Workshops’, ‘Publications’, ‘Other News & Successes’, ‘Resources’. We will do our best to include them, space (and time) permitting, but cannot be held responsible for real or perceived losses due to error or omission.
In between Newsletters, members can post upcoming events, successes etc on Second Light at Facebook run by Second Light member, Jean Atkin. For ARTEMISpoetry: 14th Mar and 14th Sep.

Type or paste into the fields above, completing all fields. Use the Tab key or your cursor to move between fields.
The first field "Member Name" won’t be included in your entry, so please include relevant names in the Content field. You don’t want your name missed out when this process gets automated! Also, if you include a web-site link, you’ll need to include the whole web address e.g.
Your 60 words should INCLUDE any necessary contact details and bear in mind e-notices are also sent to non-members who have asked to be added to the e-mail list.