Merryn Williams

Merryn Williams’ life is currently divided, like ancient Gaul, into three zones – literary, family, Jeremy. She was first editor of The Interpreter’s House, which published around a thousand poets, and her own publications are too numerous to list.


     post-natal depression
One fell off the fragile bridge,
others froze in horror.
Far below them, howling winds
and glimpse of raging water.
Four young women shared a house,
partied, shrieked with laughter.
All got married, scattered wide.
Three go on without her.
Driving rain, on clothes and skin;
you feel the great bridge shudder.
The baby knows there’s something wrong,
stares round and sees no mother.
Three go home. All night they weep;
why did no one save her?
while each, in fear, bears step by step,
a child across the water.

Merryn Williams

Poem published in Acumen and in The Fragile Bridge (see Publications)

The Fragile Bridge: New and Selected Poems, Shoestring Press, 2019;
The First Wife’s Tale, Shoestring Press, 2007;
Jane Austen’s The Watsons, Pen Press, 2006;
The Latin Master’s Story, Rockingham Press, 2000;
The Chalet Girls Grow Up, Plas Gwyn Books, 1998

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