Judith Taylor

Judith Taylor lives in Aberdeen, where she co-organises the monthly Poetry at Books and Beans events. Her first full-length collection, Not in Nightingale Country, is published by Red Squirrel Press, and she is one of the Editors of Poetry Scotland.


   (after a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth in Aberdeen City Art Gallery)
You want to think
it’s a human shape. It isn’t
You want to think it’s a bone flute
for the wind to play, but too much
is eroded out.
You want to think
that smooth surface resigns itself:
a ruined tree, made furniture.
You want to think its pierced places
fill with light, when the heart of it
is a pool of shadow.
You want to think.
You want some form of containment
the form itself will not give
for memory
for enduring grief.
You want an explanation.
You circle it
closer in this time.
There isn’t an explanation.

Judith Taylor

Poem published in Not in Nightingale Country (Red Squirrel Press, 2017)

Not in Nightingale Country, Red Squirrel Press, 2017. ISBN 978-1-910437-69-8 £8.99
Local Colour, chapbook, Calder Wood Press, 2010, ISBN 978-1-902629-34-6. £4.50. (out of print. contact author for copies)
Earthlight, chapbook, Koo Press, 2006, ISBN 9780955307539 £3.50 (out of print)

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