Jay Whittaker

Jay Whittaker grew up in Nottingham and has lived and worked in Edinburgh since 1995. Recently her poems have been longlisted for the Mslexia and commended by the Cinnamon Press. In 2015 she is in the Cinnamon Press mentoring scheme (as a mentee).


     (day twenty, first chemo cycle)
Do tree tips tingle, niggle like my scalp?
Most people’s hair (I’m told) comes out on day eighteen.
White hairs worked loose first, waft down.
This late summer evening, my scarfed skull
as bald and vulnerable as a fledgling
dashed to the ground, I stand
under the row of sycamore
my neck sore from looking up to the abundance of leaves.
Whatever happens to me, the earth is turning.
At the same hour in winter, haven’t I stood here,
in this very spot, watching bare branches
implore the inky sky for light?

Jay Whittaker

Runner up in the Cinnamon Press mini-competition 10, “Changes”

Pearl, 2005, Selkirk Lapwing Press, ISBN 0-9-531212-6-7
“Regeneration” in Both sides of Hadrian‘s Wall, 2006, Selkirk Lapwing Press, ISBN 0-9-554056-3-7

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