Janet Fisher

Born in Birmingham in 1943, Janet Fisher worked in publishing for several years before moving to Yorkshire. After a period of illness, she began to develop as a writer. She co-ran The Poetry Business for twenty years, retiring in 2008.

Brittle Bones

birds’ legs, dried stalks
a Chinese vase, a baby’s wave
slivers of green on dead laburnum
tracks translucent up an arm
chalk line on a pavement, a child’s logic
fingers pressing a wine glass stem
change of key on the downbeat
worn paths tracing the grass
a moon thumbprinted on a light sky
an old woman’s face, her knuckles
strands of breath on a sharp morning
cracked glaze on a bedroom jug
its pattern of blue ivy and pouting lip
the roots I clutch at on the way up

Janet Fisher

Poem published: Salt publishing web-page on Salt Publishing site.

Brittle Bones, Salt, Jul 2008. (link);
Women Who Dye Their Hair, Smith/Doorstop Books, 2001. (link);
Listening to Dancing, Smith/Doorstop Books, 1996. (link);


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