Helena Hinn

Helena Hinn lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has been published by Virago, Faber and Faber, and in Women’s Press anthologies and has a published collection of prose, Histories of the Imagination.


pins are silver – the colour of the moon
long ago women would throw pins into wells
giving back to the earth
a tiny part of what had been taken
the tiny insignificant pin
which is invaluable to women
: to secure when sewing
: to fix, to enable work to happen
women work for pin money
an insubstantial amount to the world
but essential to them
if women had an emblem
I would promote the pin
to the world it seems a small unimportant object
but women understand the value of a pin
and women’s values
know the essential nature of the tiny
and its part in the whole

Helena Hinn

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