Diana Helen Pritchard

Hertfordshire born, married, one son, two daughters, Diana Helen Pritchard lives in Guernsey. A wilderness upbringing during the 1950s, and 1960s in British Columbia, Canada influences her poetry. She is a member of Guernsey Writers.


Beside my heart; the pump,
the one that circulates my blood,
there is another heart.
Not the heart guided by emotion,
but a gnarled, heavy, black, stone heart
invisible even to an X-ray.
It wasn’t born with me,
just entered my body one day,
found its way through my skin
through an unguarded fissure,
reached the essence of me
before I could mouth my own name.
Beady as a cock-robin’s eye at first,
this ‘anti-matter’ absorbing my childhood,
imploded to the size of the universe
until the ‘real’ heart; the pump,
the one that circulates my blood,
wanting to be rid of it, found a solution.
It started my body running
across fields, along riverbanks,
up gravel tracks, over the snows
into the medals on sports day
(never good enough of course)
always striving for the big burn.
The black-heart stone smouldered.
The body started marathoning
over the downs, into muddy ditches,
along highways, over cobbled streets
through green forests and desert dunes.
The black-stone heart caught alight,
flamed up, burned down,
became smaller than a cock-robin’s eye
and I opened my arms to my existence.

Diana Helen Pritchard

Poem published in Published in Jersey Arts 2005 Competition Anthology (Commended).

Publications (all available at Amazon):
One Wrong Foot, Shortcliff, 2022, ISBN 9781919614427, £6.50
My Paths to Freedom, autobiography, Shortcliff 2021, ISBN 9781919614403, £12.99
Poems Inspired by Objects, Shortcliff, 2022, ISBN 9781919614434 £6.50

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