Anna Avebury

Anna Avebury was born of Ukrainian parents in Bradford. She now lives in St Albans where she is a member of Ver Poets. She writes on a variety of subjects including nature, memory, and art.

Love’s Refuge

    A corner of the artist’s room     Gwen John
Here, the air is cool and still,
curtains motionless at the window
as sunlight flares through,
stirs the scented posy on the table.
A wicker chair holds out
its arms, pink parasol folded
like her heart by its side;
blue dress, her abandoned pride.
Drowsy in mid-summer heat
Paris hums beneath.

Anna Avebury

poem selected for John Cotton’s Ten Liners 2023, published by Ver Poets, St Albans

Dress Rehearsal, self-published, £2.50 (proceeds to Open Door – local charity)
Ver Poets anniversary anthologies; Locked Down, Poetry Space, 2021


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