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Celebrating International Women’s Day, 8th March 2020 – Listen to Soho Radio’s Poetry Parlour presented by Anna Robinson
featuring Anne Stewart, representing Second Light, and Katherine Gallagher

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From 2008 until the end of July 2017, Second Light ran a ‘Poem of the Month’ in-house competition series. Each month, a Committee Member undertook to select one winner and four commended poems from a short list of poems on Members’ pages on the website, and, at the end of that year, Founder/Coordinator Dilys Wood selected one overall yearly winner. The year’s winner was invited to have a sound recording of their poem on the site.
‘Poem of the Month’ was then ceased in favour of ‘Poets of the Month’, which is aligned with the Membership year (November to October) and ensures that all Members with a page are featured on the home page at least once a year, either by a link to their poem page or by having the poem itself included. The poets in each month’s list are selected at random. The poem featured on the home page each month is then selected at random from those, and it is from these featured poems that Dilys has selected winners: one winner p.a. to October 2019; a small selection p.a. from 2019/20.

Second Light Network – a network for women poets.